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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - S1: Episode 18


Spearhead of Evil

The Gundam Thrones continue to attack military installations around the globe, their aggressive tactics forcing the Celestial Being observers and the Gundam Meisters aside and out of the forefront of battle. The crew of the Ptolemaios investigate the Thrones and their origins, including the possibility that Veda was hacked by an outsider to acquire the technology behind the GN Drive. On the civilian forefront, Kinue Crossroad obtains a new lead after learning that one of the Throne pilots mentioned something called ‘Ragna’. An unprovoked civilian attack by the Thrones upon a wedding in Spain forces Saji to race to Spain after Louise was severely injured (losing her left hand) from the accident, and discovers that her entire family had been killed by the attack. Later, another armed intervention upon a Union weapons factory, owned by Iris Corporation, by Gundam Throne Eins results in the deaths of 800 civilians, infuriating Setsuna as he races off in his Gundam Exia to confront the Thrones on grounds that they are supporting armed conflicts.

Feb. 09, 2008

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