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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - S1: Episode 20


Revolution's Blade

The three superpowers unite to eliminate Celestial Being and form a combined military force under the UN’s command. Each of the powers receives 10 of the 30 GN-Xs, the GN-Drive powered mobile suits they found in Antarctica. However, Graham refuses to pilot one, hoping to fulfill Howard’s wish of defeating the Gundams using a Flag. Meanwhile, Kinue Crossroad encounters Ali Al Sarshes, who has just met with Ragna Harvey. Revealing her knowledge of Ragna’s involvement with the Gundams, Kinue is stabbed by Ali and left to die. Wang Liu Mei throws her support behind the Trinity Siblings. Sumeragi tells Ian to retrieve the G.N. Arms. The Thrones attack an HRL military installation, but are forced to retreat when they are overwhelmed by the HRL’s new GN-X squadron. Alejandro Corner reveals his plan to overthrow Celestial Being, with Veda being his main obstacle. Landing in a secret facility on the moon, He and Livonze access the room containing Veda’s main core.

Feb. 23, 2008

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