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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - S2: Episode 12


Waiting in Space

00-Raiser’s increased Trans-Am rate enables it to outclass and outmaneuver the Innovators’ mobile suits, forcing them to flee in escape pods as their suits are destroyed. In the aftermath of the battle, Ribbons orders Revive Revival and Bring Stabity to capture 00 Gundam; the Innovators question Ribbons’ true knowledge of Aeolia’s plan and the twin drive system. Saji, Louise, and Setsuna cope with Saji and Louise’s positions on opposing sides; Louise concludes Saji has always been a member of Celestial Being and gets rid of any memory she has of him, while Saji struggles with the decision to fight to save Louise or flee Celestial Being to be with her. After the Memento Mori’s second barrage destroys a military base and simultaneously kills innumerable civilian refugees, Sergei is ordered to force witnesses from the Federation Army to conceal this information. As the Katharon space force approaches the Memento Mori, the superweapon fires on the fleet and annihilates half of it, surprising Celestial Being and Katharon that the weapon can fire into space; without the the element of surprise, the operation is put at risk.

Dec. 21, 2008

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